The Innovation Challenge 2022 theme is Corporate Sustainability.   Corporate sustainability is more than just protecting the environment. A sustainable   business is one that works in step with societal and environmental goals,   rather than at odds with them. Corporate sustainability is a business   strategy for long-term growth that works in harmony with people and the   planet.

Environmental Category: The environmental   pillar relates to products, services, or solutions that can help corporates   be more environmentally conscious. This could include solutions relating to   their offices, logistics, retail, supply chain etc.

Examples of types of business solutions include:

  • Sustainable  Packaging
  • Circular  Economy
  • Advanced  Materials
  • Recycling
  • Green Energy
  • Managing Waste
  • Decarbonization
  • Eco-friendly products/solutions
  • Locally sourced/produced

Social   Category: This   category relates to solutions that promote health, safety and wellbeing for   employees, customers or communities of a corporate.

Examples of types of business solutions include:

  • Human Resources
  •  Safety products or equipment
  • Mental health
  • Education / Skills Development
  •  Childcare
  • Travel
  • Medical devices
  •  Healthcare
  • Social equality
  • Helping disabilities

Economic Category  : The economic category relates to helping corporates increase business   efficiencies through sustainable practices. This could be through cost   reduction through improved material engineering or packaging, better   targeting of their customers to increase market share or create new market   opportunities for them.

  • Examples of types of business solutions include:
  • Efficient resource management
  •  Customer loyalty
  • New   market opportunities
  • Producing goods and services sustainably
  • Cost  reduction


The Community Business Development Program (CBDP) is a small business readiness initiative designed to rapidly assist emerging firms with scaling their businesses and moving them toward long-term sustainability. The process involves the selection of a group of eligible firms for specialized training on mission-critical areas of business acumen. The curriculum includes foundational elements of running a business successfully, with room for specialized topics pertinent to a specific industry or of importance to the hosting entity. Corporations or governmental entities looking for ways to empower and encourage local companies that create jobs and strengthen the communities they serve should consider sponsoring a business.

Who Should Participate: The program is designed for companies that have been in business for at least two years; a minimum of $100,000 in annual revenue; and a minimum of one full-time employee. 

Program Overview: 90 day program with Six (6) bi-weekly workshops • Facilitator-led session by GMSDC and partners • Two-Hour Sessions Workshop 

Session Topics: Business Plan • Financial Acumen • Marketing • Technology • Building Your Operational Infrastructure • Access to Capital Benefits of the Program • Business Plan • Roadmap for Operational Execution • Financial Plan with Statements • SBDC Business Coach 

For more Information please contact Vanessa Lane, Executive Director, Georgia Education Foundation, via email at or phone at 404-589-9224.

This form is to be used by certified MBEs as a guide for immediate engagement with the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council. 

This form is to be used by certified MBEs as a guide for the Grow and Scale track with the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council. 

Program Requirements

1+  Million in Annual Revenue

3+ Years in Business

3+ Full Time Employees

Registered with Georgia Secretary of State

Georgia-based for at least three years

Nominated by Sponsor,Corporate Mentor, Program Alumni or Affiliate Partner

Three Years Financial Documentation

Business Plan Executive Summary  (Request a Template, if needed)

CEO agrees to all program requirements 

            See Mandatory attendance below 

Demonstrate community involvement

Submit Completed Application

Submit $100.00 non-refundable application fee

Program  Overview

The Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection is the first state sponsored business development program in U.S history that pairs corporate industry giants with Georgia’s small emerging companies. The Program utilizes a unique framework of 1-on-1 corporate mentoring for a one year period regarding any 3 areas of business the protégé needs.

Protégé Firms: 

      Develop business acumen, performance capacity and competitiveness

      Avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that hinder business growth

      Optimize revenues, expense controls and cash flow

      Assist with the selection and implementation of technology solutions

      Cultivate opportunities for the firms to expand their business operations

      Allow protégé principals to tap into the experience and expertise of senior executives

Throughout the Program Year, the Mandatory events include: 5 Reporting Sessions (educational), Mentor Vetting Day, Strategic Planning Session, Orientation, 2 day Retreat, 2 Alumni Socials and Graduation Ceremony. 

Also, MPC supports and participates in Exposition events such as City of Atlanta Back to Business, The Edge, Dekalb County Chamber of Commerce- Apex Awards and others within our Community.