The purpose of this form is to record the progress of your company as it works toward the goals agreed upon between Mentor and Protege. This will also serve as a ongoing document throughout each section and is time-stamped for monitoring edits in real time. These  documents will be vital in determining what was accomplished and if there were any other accomplishment or failures.

This form is to be used by certified MBEs as a guide for immediate engagement with the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council. 

This form is to be used by certified MBEs as a guide for the Grow and Scale track with the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council. 

Thank you for nominating a Small Business!  Please review below the Program Requirements to ensure eligibility.  

Program Requirements

1+  Million in Annual Revenue

3+ Years in Business

3+ Full Time Employees

Registered with Georgia Secretary of State

Georgia-based for at least three years

Nominated by Sponsor,Corporate Mentor, Program Alumni or Affiliate Partner


Program  Overview


The Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection is the first state sponsored business development program in U.S history that pairs corporate industry giants with Georgia’s small emerging companies. The Program utilizes a unique framework of 1-on-1 corporate mentoring for a one-year period regarding any 3 areas of business the protégé needs.

Protégé Firms: 

Develop business acumen, performance capacity and competitiveness

Avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that hinder business growth

Optimize revenues, expense controls and cash flow

Assist with the selection and implementation of technology solutions

Cultivate opportunities for the firms to expand their business operations

Allow protégé principals to tap into the experience and expertise of senior executives

Throughout the Program Year, the Mandatory events include: 5 Reporting Sessions (educational), Mentor Vetting Day, Strategic Planning Session, Orientation, 2 day Retreat, 2 Alumni Socials and Graduation Ceremony. 

Also, MPC supports and participates in Exposition events such as City of Atlanta Back to Business, The Edge, Dekalb County Chamber of Commerce- Apex Awards and others within our Community.